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"NOMO was there for Expensify when nobody else was. While the rest of the industry was chasing unicorns and their massively unprofitable growth strategies, they recognized that the future lies in companies that achieve both profit and growth. Expensify's model achieves this through unorthodox methods most VCs don't take the time to understand, but NOMO did, and now we're cash flow positive with over $150 million in annually recurring revenue as we prepare for an IPO."

David Barrett,

CEO and Founder of Expensify

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acquired by Google



acquired by PPG

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acquired by Spectrum Equity

acquired by Ford


acquired by Salesforce



"Having NOMO as an investor is like being given a glass of ice water in hell. When building a company, things never go as planned. Given that NOMO backs founders, not companies, NOMO is always there during the highs and lows. Many investors promise to be there, but NOMO actually follows through. Rahul and Kate have taken my 2 AM calls and have always been helpful in navigating complex founder situations. They are great investors and great friends." 

Ben Pasternak,

CEO and Founder of Simulate

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acquired by Apple

acquired by Mitsbushi

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"I've raised around $200 million in venture financing and NOMO is one of the best investors I've ever seen. They are unlike other investors and have been in the trenches before. Not only do they understand where founders are coming from, but that understanding enables them to jump in and actually add value. Most investors will say they are value-add, but NOMO is the real deal. They have helped us with everything from closing funding to closing sales. They're the best!"

Lisa Falzone,

CEO and Founder of Athena

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"Rahul and Kate put people first every step of the way while building deep, lasting relationships with the founders they back. They invest early, support continuously, and are the friends, confidants, and partners everyone should have on the journey to build a durable, transformational business." 

Will Haering,

CEO and Founder of Ponto

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