“NOMO was there for Expensify when nobody else was. While the rest of the industry was chasing unicorns and their massively unprofitable growth strategies, they recognized that the future lies in companies that achieve both profit and growth. Expensify’s model achieves this through unorthodox methods most VCs don’t take the time to understand, but NOMO did, and now we’re cash flow positive with over $100 million in annually recurring revenue.”

David Barrett,

Founder of Expensify

a pre-seed venture capital fund


no company is too early

NOMO Ventures invests as early as possible. As former entrepreneurs who have created and sold four companies, we love building companies from day one and believe this is when founders need the most support. 

The "who" is greater than the "what"

Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything. This is why NOMO Ventures is ingrained with operator DNA. From our Limited Partners to our Venture Partners, our fund is comprised of execution machines who have spent decades building multi-billion dollar companies.

direct revenue

NOMO Ventures invests in companies pursuing direct monetization models, as opposed to companies built on content or advertising. We want to work with founders that deliver real value and believe the true measure of that value is the willingness to pay for it. 


Iron mountain

iron mountain



"I don't give a f*** what anybody thinks. The reason they put blinders on horses is because if you look at the horse on the left or the right, you're going to miss a step. And that's what people should have. When you're running after something, you should not look left or right - what does this person think, what does that person think? No. JUST GO."

-jimmy iovine, founder of interscope records / beats by dre