a pre-seed venture capital fund


We invest in companies at the earliest stage. We believe the "who" is greater than the "what," investing in founders with a big vision and an ability to execute on that vision. This is why we built our fund entirely out of operators.

We don’t care about fame. 

We don’t care about conferences.

We don’t care about who’s saying what on Twitter. 

All we care about is getting things done.

Our General Partners are former entrepreneurs who have built and sold four companies. From our Limited Partners to our Venture Partners, our fund is comprised of execution machines who have spent decades building multi-billion dollar companies such as these:


Iron mountain

iron mountain



"I don't give a f*** what anybody thinks. The reason they put blinders on horses is because if you look at the horse on the left or the right, you're going to miss a step. And that's what people should have. When you're running after something, you should not look left or right - what does this person think, what does that person think? No. JUST GO."

-jimmy iovine, founder of interscope records / beats by dre